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Nurse Humor: Learning to See Funny!

A volunteer at a local hospital who sang songs and told jokes to entertain patients was leaving one day when he said to a patient, “I hope you get better.”

The patient replied, “I hope you get better too!”

The ability to recognize humor in our surroundings makes it easier to navigate life’s many challenges. If you have diabetes, or have patients who do, you’ll find great tips on how to see the funny in your environment in What’s So Funny About Diabetes?: A Creative Approach to Coping with Your Disease

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Nurse Marge in Charge

Dear  Nurse Marge,

Why are nurses so bad at taking care of themselves?  We KNOW everything there is to know about keeping healthy and yet so many nurses smoke and drink.  One of my co-workers is a very non-compliant diabetic: she fainted once at work two years ago and even now doesn’t eat the way she should.  It just blows my mind!


Common Sense

Dear Common Sense,

Why would people who:

  • spend most of their time caring for others
  • in an exhausting, demanding environment
  • where resources are scarce
  • support even rarer
  • who have the constant pressure of economic uncertainty hanging over their heads
  • schedules devised by “management professionals” throwing darts at the calendar at random
  • patients who expect miracle diagnosis and treatment all in thirty minutes or less

while balancing the needs of their family, partner, and pets sometimes fail to take less than ideal care of themselves?  I’ve no idea.

Do you know what comes right after common sense in the dictionary? Compassion.

Good Luck!

Nurse Marge

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From Ha-Ha to a-HA!: Using Humor to Transform Nursing Education by Shirley K. Trout, PhD, MEd

Use Humor to Capture Their Attention

Another late-August. Another group of students rolling into our colleges and universities, so full of excitement, fear and curiosity about their respective futures. Some are away from home for the first time. Some have made it through that transition and are involved in their next one – whatever that may be. Yet others may be stepping back into the college scene, having never attended or re-entering the world of “studenthood,” as adults.

Regardless of their personal status, as their professor, you get the opportunity to orient them to your course, its requirements and technologies, and your way of teaching. And of course (you tend to assume), every student is taking your course because of their burning interest in the material and in the great reputation you have built as the professor to learn from.

Hmmmmm. I wonder if that’s really what they’re thinking the first day of class? (more…)

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That’s Just Sick: Dark Humor and Nurses

Have you ever told a joke so gross you made yourself queasy? Are there tales you won’t tell outside of hospital walls — because no one except your fellow nurses will get it? Has anyone ever told you that your humor was sick, dark, and twisted?

There’s a reason for that. (more…)

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