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DIABETease by Theresa Garnero

Theresa Garnero is an accomplished diabetes nurse educator, author and cartoonist.

She is a health entertainer dedicated to helping people tap into their humor-health connection. She combines her science and artistic talents to promote a positive laugh-learn environment wherever she travels. Author and illustrator of DIABETease a lighter look at the serious subject of diabetes (and one of JNJ’s favorite books — we’re thrilled to include some of Theresa’s cartoons here on the site!), Theresa is a former national diabetes educator of the year, awarded by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), and a stand-up comedian.

Her official credentials are APRN, BC-ADM, MSN, CDE, which means she did a lot of school time! She is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management, with a Master of Science in Nursing, and Certified Diabetes Educator. Theresa has over 20 years experience as a nurse having cared for people with diabetes in most situations. She is a tireless champion of diabetes education causes and is always looking for innovative approaches to help the diabetes community.

Of particular interest is Theresa’s latest book, Your First Year With Diabetes: What to Do, Month by Month. A deft mix of humor and informative information, this guide is great for the newly diagnosed diabetic — and the nurse who wants to be able to impart useful information in a light-hearted — and memorable, which means (sometimes! hopefully!) adherence to the treatment plan — way. Strongly recommended!

You can find out more about Theresa here!

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World Laughter Tour

The World Laughter Tour is an international organization which provides training for the technique of “laughter clubs,” which involves simulated laughter. This technique has been used ina variety of healthcare settings, for both care provider and patient.

Interpreting promising laughter theories and practices into multi-generational, multi-cultural health and happiness related programs; preventing hardening of the attitudes; providing methods that are uplifting, simple and powerful; making the world a better place; helping people make better health choices; providing the best value in training; for individuals, organizations, and service to the community. World Laughter Tour

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