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Little Things Make All The Difference: JNJ Talks to Marcus Engel

marcus engelLate one fall evening, Marcus Engel, a freshman in college, was on his way home from a hockey game.  He never made it home. A drunk driver, traveling twice the legal speed limit, plowed into the side of the vehicle Marcus was in.

When he awoke to a world he would never again see, Marcus faced seemingly insurmountable obstacles: survive hundreds of hours of reconstructive facial surgery, adapt to blindness and find happiness in a world changed forever.  It is our honor and privilege to talk with Marcus, author of I’m Here: Compassionate Communication in Patient Care, and amazing motivational speaker.

JNJ: Reading through your book, Marcus, it seems that there are two clear messages that you’d like to share with nurses.  The first is that little things – gestures, conversations, a quiet moment — can mean so much. The second is really a call to remembrance: a directive to hold onto the fact that patients are people too. (more…)

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No Time To Teach by Fran London, MS, RN

Frustrated trying to fit patient and family education into no time? Author, Fran London, RN, MS gives you the essentials and the inspiration you need to make a big impact on the quality of care and your patient’s quality of life.

No Time to Teach helps you learn fun, creative ways to:

-Assess, educate, coach and document your teaching.
-Make the most of every teaching opportunity with patients and families
-Take a team based approach to the patient education process.
-Incorporate technology and materials into your teaching. Go from “no time to teach” to “teaching in no time.”

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Almost Home: Embracing the Magical Connection Between Positive Humor & Spirituality

“Almost Home: Embracing the Magical Connection Between Positive Humor & Spirituality” is the autobiographical journey of Jacki Kwan as she learns to bring laughter into her own life as well as the lives of others. In the text Jacki shows how she has learned to use laughter to help heal (physically as well as emotionally) and inspire. It is consistently clear throughout the text that she encourages the use of positive humor to connect to your deeper spiritual self as well as to help others connect with themselves.

Jacki works with a theraputic humor program and has helped create such programs at various locations. If you are interested in using humor for therapy the appendices contain useful information and resources.

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Lighten Up! by Loretta LaRoche


The Authentic and Fun Way to Lose Your Weight and Your Worries

By Loretta LaRoche

Weight loss, exercise, and stress management have become a national mania. Not a day
goes by without an article appearing in the media that reveals how certain foods could
be harmful or helpful to our health. Our meals have become either demonic or divine.
We’ve forgotten how to be in a “right relationship” with one of the greatest pleasures
we have in life: eating. As a result, we’re fatter than ever and more stressed out
about being fat!

Loretta LaRoche is sick to death of diets and diet books . . . so why is she writing a
book about losing weight?

“One of the reasons why I feel compelled to write this book is simple: I can’t stand
it anymore! The other is the desire to encourage you to develop a more pragmatic and
optimistic approach in relation to food, movement, and life’s inevitable ups and downs.

I’ve struggled with this problem, I’ve watched countless friends suffer because of it,
and I’ve helped tens of thousands of people deal with the stresses that bear down on
their lives, often because of weight and health issues.

There are a variety of solutions in LIGHTEN UP! that you might not have explored up to
this point. They require taking action. These answers aren’t simple, but they’re much
easier to incorporate into your life than expending your time and energy on useless
diets, gadgets, and faux scientific cures. They take commitment, common sense, and the
ability to learn emotional self-regulation.”

Learn to eat well, move with joy, and live a more balanced life. Order LIGHTEN UP!
Now! Here!

In this humorous and informative book, Loretta shares her expertise as an international stress consultant, former aerobics instructor, and owner of a wellness center. LIGHTEN UP! can offer you perspective and help you set healthy, realistic goals with its numerous tools and techniques.

* Develop a sane relationship with food

* Stay committed to your goals

* Be passionate about eating nutritious meals

* Develop tools to reduce stress

* Focus on your successes

* Experience more mindfulness in the way you approach food

* Create health AND well-being

Weight loss is a physical, mental, and spiritual process. Learning how to work on these aspects together will help you maintain a relationship with food that will nurture you, fuel you, and give you joy.

Lighten up, slow down the pace, and make mealtimes a vital part of your day. Order LIGHTEN UP! and start down the path to a happier, healthier life!

In celebration of the release of LIGHTEN UP!, Hay House is offering a variety of prizes, including a chance to see Loretta LIVE! View all of the Prizes and Enter to Win:  here!

Don’t miss Loretta’s latest Public Television special! If you haven’t seen Loretta LaRoche in action, you’re in for a rare treat. Loretta’s seventh public television special, “Juicy Living, Juicy Aging,” begins airing this month. Armed with her amazing wit and refreshing candor, Loretta challenges us to embrace our lives by being wiser, healthier, happier, more enthusiastic, and juicier! Check your local listings to find out what times Juicy Living, Juicy Aging will be broadcast in your area!

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