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Want to get in touch with the Journal of Nursing Jocularity? Great – we WANT you to contact us. “How” depends on “for what” 😉

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Important Stuff – Tell us how we’re doing.

The good, the bad, and the ugly: we want to hear it all! Send your emails to JNJ editor Cindy Potts. We’ll feature as many as we can in the weekly Stethoscope post — so everyone else can see what you think, too! Send us a picture (JPG) of you with a JNJ shirt or coffee mug (or something as shamelessly promotional) and you really could be famous!

Share Your Stuff: Calling all contributors.

JNJ needs you: needs your funny stories, your jokes, and your cartoons! We’d love to hear your insights about therapeutic humor, and if you’re doing research in this field, we’d love to share what you’re doing with the world!

We’re looking for your jokes, your wit and witticisms, and your funny stories. Everything from a one-line quip to a one-page tale of insanity in the ICU is welcome: send it to Cindy Potts . If we use your piece, we’ll provide you, as a token of our thanks, with prizes of unspeakable value!

We’re also always looking for cartoons, caricatures, and visual gags. Send us your ideas and we’ll have them rendered by our house artist — or if you’re an artist in your own right, send us a scan of your work. JPEG files vastly preferred — email Cindy Potts with any questions. The same heaping pile of prizes of unspeakable value awaits, as your reward!

Some details: The stuff you send should be original — things you thought up, overheard, or experienced. Common sense applies: no patient’s names, and we won’t be identifying anyone’s facility. You can contribute anonymously, of course — but we’ll need your name and address to know where to send your prizes of unspeakable value!

When you submit content to the Journal of Nursing Jocularity, you’re granting us permission to publish it electronically and in print. This means when we release our annual “Best Of” issue, your stuff could be in there!

Any questions? Email them to Cindy Potts and she’ll be happy to answer them for you! We can’t wait to start laughing!