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Love and Laughter: The Keys to Health JNJ Talks to Bernie Siegel

lovemedicinemiracles2“You can not be afraid if you’re laughing.” So says Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles, the groundbreaking book that convinced countless patients that they can help themselves heal. Siegel — quick to say, ‘Call me Bernie’ — was kind enough to sit down with the JNJ crew and share his thoughts on what he calls the keys to life: love and laughter.

“I was with a woman, shortly before she was scheduled to go into surgery. And she was so frightened, so very, very frightened. You could tell she was trying to cheer herself up when she looked around and said, ‘Well, thank God I have all these wonderful people around to take care of me!’ (more…)

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When Shift Happens

Steve RizzoLife is an ongoing obstacle course, always challenging you to be the best you can be.   Each obstacle, no matter how big or small, is an opportunity for you to make the choice to shift your perspective and view it through the eyes of hope and peace.

This is what acquiring a positive attitude is all about.   This is what builds your character and enables you to grow.   This is also why some of your biggest challenges can be blessings in disguise.   When shift happen, your life changes. Understanding this is the pathway to success and happiness.

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Top 10 Reasons Administration Gives For Short Staffing

10. Blame can be placed on healthcare reform.

9. Is a “right-sizing” adjustment for the “overqualified.”

8. More opportunities for the caring profession to care!

7. More cost-efficient than flogging.

6. Fewer shifts to cover is a nurse is sick.

5. CEO loves to hear employees bitch and moan.

4. Keeps the nurses on their toes.

3. Can convert nurse lounge to management lounge.

2. “A happy nurse is a busy nurse” – make them very happy!

1. We have a pediatric ward.

Classic JNJ humor from Frances Kiefer, RN, MSN

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May Is Blood Pressure Month

A doctor remarked on his patient’s ruddy complexion.

“I know” the patient said “It’s high blood pressure. It’s from my family.”

“Your mother’s side, or father’s side?” questioned the doctor.

“Neither,” the patient replied. “It’s from my wife’s side.”

“What?” the doctor said. “That can’t be. You can’t possibly get high blood pressure from your wife’s family!”

“Oh yeah?” the patient responded “You should meet them sometime!”

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