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Great Gift for Nurses Week!

Nurses who laugh are happier people.

Nurses who laugh are healthier people.

Nurses who laugh are better nurses.

But what’s so funny about nursing?

This year, Nurse’s Week is May 6-12. Just in the nick of time, Karyn Buxman has released the latest volume in the side-splitting What’s So Funny book series: What’s So Funny About… Nursing?: A Creative Approach to Celebrating Your Profession.

Here’s an excerpt, discussing how humor can make you healthier:

When was the last time you heard that watching TV could actually make you healthier?! Another way you
can really give your heart a boost is by playing the ICU Game: Any time you see an error on a medical TV show (Nurse Jackie and Grey’s Anatomy are GREAT for this!) that would result in the patient spending the rest of his short, short life in the ICU, get up and do 25 jumping jacks. You could have the heart of an Olympian in less than one season!

Fun, funny, and packed with practical information to bring the healing power of humor into everyday nursing, What’s So Funny About… Nursing?: A Creative Approach to Celebrating Your Profession is now available at a special discount price for Nurse’s Week. Order now and save! It’s a great gift for the nurses in your life – and don’t forget to include yourself!

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What’s So Funny About OR Nursing?

 photo WSFA_ORNursing_0712_front_zps405af001.jpgWe’d been called in for an emergency bowel obstruction. Our scrub nurse had some bad gas – don’t ever trust the cafeteria’s tacos! In the middle of the procedure, the surgeon starts freaking out. “I nicked the bowel! Don’t you smell that?” He ran the bowel over and over before he was finally satisfied that it was intact, and he closed. Afterward, when I talked to the scrub nurse about it, she said, “What was I going to do – tell him I farted?!”

OR Nurses: this bookis for you! I count the years I spent as an OR nurse as some of the finest (and funniest!) of my career. Talk about the tight bond between nurses! I learned true caring, compassion, and grace-under-pressure from my colleagues behind those double doors.

There were also lots of laughs – and thank goodness for that. Laughter provides the emotional resiliency we need to operate at the top of our game in the high-stress, high-pressure OR environment. Nurses who laugh regularly enjoy considerable physical and mental health benefits. They also tend to have stronger, more positive relationships with their colleagues than their more serious counterparts, and report higher levels of career satisfaction.

Now Available: What’s So Funny About… OR Nursing?: A Creative Approach to Celebrating Your Profession

In my new book, In my new book, What’s So Funny About… OR Nursing?: A Creative Approach to Celebrating Your Profession you’ll find the latest psychoneuroimmunological research that explains why this is true, as well as practical, easy to implement strategies to add more humor to your life. Who doesn’t want to have more fun on an everyday basis?

Using funny stories and real-life examples from health care’s front lines, What’s So Funny About… OR Nursing?teaches you how to recognize, incorporate, and benefit from the presence of humor in your practice. It’s a fun read that will make a real difference in your everyday work life. Best of all, it’s available on Amazon right now!

So don’t delay: this is your chance to be the first nurse in your hospital to have a copy!

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Richard Nixon Picking Noses

From “The Glue Factory” by Geoff Simmons

A robot doctor makes the rounds in this wacky medical fantasia…Simmons orchestrates the hijinks with a healthy regard for rhyme and reason. His surreal gags puts one in mind of Douglas Adams, had he written A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the the Medical Center. (A stint in Mount Sinai’s extraterrestrial ward makes for one of Dr. Rossum’s most hilarious advenutres) The result is a pixilated comedy that’s as light as a balloon filled with laughing gas. Raucous, imaginative entertainment –Kirkus Discoveries, May 29, 2009

Available on – Click to Buy Now!

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No Time To Teach by Fran London, MS, RN

Frustrated trying to fit patient and family education into no time? Author, Fran London, RN, MS gives you the essentials and the inspiration you need to make a big impact on the quality of care and your patient’s quality of life.

No Time to Teach helps you learn fun, creative ways to:

-Assess, educate, coach and document your teaching.
-Make the most of every teaching opportunity with patients and families
-Take a team based approach to the patient education process.
-Incorporate technology and materials into your teaching. Go from “no time to teach” to “teaching in no time.”

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DIABETease by Theresa Garnero

Theresa Garnero is an accomplished diabetes nurse educator, author and cartoonist.

She is a health entertainer dedicated to helping people tap into their humor-health connection. She combines her science and artistic talents to promote a positive laugh-learn environment wherever she travels. Author and illustrator of DIABETease a lighter look at the serious subject of diabetes (and one of JNJ’s favorite books — we’re thrilled to include some of Theresa’s cartoons here on the site!), Theresa is a former national diabetes educator of the year, awarded by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE), and a stand-up comedian.

Her official credentials are APRN, BC-ADM, MSN, CDE, which means she did a lot of school time! She is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Board Certified in Advanced Diabetes Management, with a Master of Science in Nursing, and Certified Diabetes Educator. Theresa has over 20 years experience as a nurse having cared for people with diabetes in most situations. She is a tireless champion of diabetes education causes and is always looking for innovative approaches to help the diabetes community.

Of particular interest is Theresa’s latest book, Your First Year With Diabetes: What to Do, Month by Month. A deft mix of humor and informative information, this guide is great for the newly diagnosed diabetic — and the nurse who wants to be able to impart useful information in a light-hearted — and memorable, which means (sometimes! hopefully!) adherence to the treatment plan — way. Strongly recommended!

You can find out more about Theresa here!

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