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Suck It Up

Okay I just got say to pretty much everyone I know, suck it up!  I don’t want to hear that anyone complain that they are tired, working too much, or especially that they are “getting too old for this.”

Today I had 76 year old patient who had just had triple bypass surgery and was starting the Cardiac Rehab program.  I asked him what his goals were for Cardiac Rehab.  I expected him to say the standard, increase my energy/stamina, get back to my needlework kind of thing, but no! He says he just wants to get clearance to go back to work.

It turns out that until his recent heart operation he was working not one, but two jobs: one full time in laundry services and another part-time lawn maintenance.  Really?  Lawn work, in Florida?!  I have to take issue with the person who hires a 76 year old man to do their yard for them.    I can only imagine this person sipping a nice iced latte in their climate controlled house, while their lawn man, a man who has been receiving AARP for twenty years, trims the hedges in the 100 degree summer sun.  There is lazy, and then there is just down right sadistic.

I am afraid I may no longer have the right to gripe about, well anything.  I just stepped into the 40s and I only work one, not especially labor intensive job. (And not even full time!)  While the hospital may not be the most glamorous place to work, it is air conditioned.  Nursing may not be the easiest work there is, but I do make enough money not to have to take a second job.

From now on, if someone pulls out their line? I will start another.  Code brown?  I will roll up my sleeves.  My patient is hitting the call buzzer like he is on Jeopardy and knows all the answers? Okay, then I will probably hide the damn thing, but I won’t complain.

After seeing someone pushing 80 happily working two jobs, grumbling will only make me look more like the cream puff that I am afraid I may really be.

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Nurse Marge in Charge

Dear Nurse Marge,

I’m hoping you can explain this mystery.  Like you, I’m a nurse with quite a few years experience. I work with a great team, and if I have something to say when it comes to patient care, by and large I’m listened to. At the end of the day it’s the doctor, of course, but I know that my suggestions are considered. I’m treated with courtesy and respect.

Yet the moment I get home, something happens.  Suddenly I don’t know anything about anything, and my suggestions? I’m not sure they’re even heard, much less considered! It is as I am a completely different person – a person who is treated like a complete idiot!  What is going on? Could this be MPD?


Doubly Confused

Dear Doubly,

Don’t despair! Even though you feel like you’re coming apart at the seams, you don’t have a split personality. We can look forward to going home after a rotten shift – but if things are rotten at home, do you head for work? Life doesn’t usually work that way – and sometimes the people in our lives take advantage of that fact.

Being a great caregiver means being willing and able to take care of yourself first.  It sounds like you need to shake things up a little bit on the home front. Set and enforce some boundaries. You do it professionally – you can do it personally!

Good Luck!
Nurse Marge

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The Power of Planning

One of our older patients had been complaining of insomnia. He just couldn’t sleep, and was determined that he didn’t want any sleep aids.

“I just don’t believe in ’em!” he’d say, and that was that.

So I tried asking him if, since it seemed pretty certain that he wasn’t going to sleep, there was anything he could do to occupy himself and distract himself from the fact he wasn’t sleeping.

He thought about it for a while, and then came up with a plan. “I might as well get my laxative pill now,” he said. “Then I’ll be sure to be occupied!”

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Words of Wisdom

Frightful tantrums frequently exploded from a middle aged male patient when I was a student nurse on psychiatric rotation. With little or no provocation, the man’s ruddy complexion turned purple, his eyes shot fire, he’d shout obscenities, and then, finally stomp off. After one such incident, another patient asked, “What’s the matter with that guy, anyway?”

Fumbling for words, I responded, “Well, after all, that’s why he’s here.”

“Yeah,” he responded, “But even though a guy’s crazy, he can still be pleasant.”

Classic JNJ Humor from Arlene Evans, RN

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