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Exactly HOW would you like this done?

I’ve been working with a new nurse who is surprisingly good; she’s got a good head on her shoulders, doesn’t get rattled easily, asks questions when she needs to but largely does it on her own. So I was shocked when she came to me, completely freaked out, practically with tears in her eyes.

“How am I supposed to do this?” she asked.

I read the order. “Continual 10 lbs cervix traction.”

Had to admit I had no idea how either — so we called the resident, and learned that she *meant* cervical. Of course, we were ‘supposed’ to know that…of course!!

Name withheld by request

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Top Ten Things To Look Forward To If You’re Workingin the ER on New Year’s Eve

10. Start your new diet off right by not eating for an entire shift! (Although it may be balanced out by the fluid you retain by not being able to visit the bathroom!)

9. The rare opportunity to counsel patients on making resolutions based on their complaint, current orientation to surroundings, and tattoos.

8. Everyone is so frazzled, so next to them you look fabulous! (And that’s not even looking at the patients!) And did we mention how good you’ll smell compared to “ETOH ON BOARD COLOGNE” – the scent everyone’s wearing?

7. Think of what a challenge it will be to your nursing skills to run a Code without a Crash Cart because they are all being used! How much can you remember from Nursing School?

6. The special musical treat delivered by a waiting room singing their own unique version of Auld Lang Syne.

5. The winnings you’ll collect betting on the winner of the inevitable fist fight that breaks out after everyone from point #6 argues about what the lyrics exactly are — and what they mean.

4. The marvel of discovering what people consider an emergency on one of the busiest nights of the year, which happens to be a full moon besides…

3. The thrill of dealing with surly volunteer EMTs who resent having to go on calls on a holiday. You, of course, don’t observe New Year’s Eve. Or Christmas. Or Thanksgiving.

2. The way residents who are clearly not drunk, no sir, no way they’re celebrating, answer their pages…or have their significant *something* answer them!

1. It’s the PRIME TIME to collect war stories to tell the newbie nurse next year, when she’s working it for the first time and you’re there again!

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The HUMOR Project

Making The World Happier One Smile at a Time

The HUMOR Project, Inc. is the first organization in the world to focus full-time on the positive power of humor. Our mission is to make a difference by being a unique, pioneering, and cutting-edge organization that touches the lives of individuals, organizations, and nations. We seek to help people get more smileage out of their lives and jobs by applying the practical, positive power of humor and creativity.

You can learn more about The Humor Project on their website.

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Get a Life by Loretta LaRoche

We are about to enter 2010 and, as usual, a plethora of articles have been published about New Year resolutions.

The resolutions often have to do with health, relationships, finances or success and derive from good intentions, but they often end up discarded.

I propose we all embark on a resolution necessary to maintain a civil society and one that has many mental and physical health benefits. It’s called gratitude.

During the last several years, myriad studies have showed that we are happier, more creative, more productive and easier to be around when we are grateful.

It may sound like a simple task. After all, most of us, unless we were brought up in the wilderness by wolves, know that saying thank you is part of being a respectful human being.

However, the gratitude that I propose takes a little more effort. To reap the rewards, people need to be more mindful of their surroundings and their meaning.

One of the best ways to embark on this activity is to begin a gratitude journal. It need not be written in every day. Believe it or not, people who wrote in their journals once a week were happier but those who wrote three times a week were not. Gratefulness should not feel like a forced march.

Jotting down a list, however, is not how it works. Focus and imagination are necessary to get the best outcome. As you write down an incident or interaction with someone, imagine how it felt. This experience increases the health benefits. It is fairly common to reflect on irritations, inconveniences and tragedies.

What we continually practice becomes a pathway that our brain learns to traverse. If given the opportunity, why not expend our energy on what feeds our hearts and souls rather than our demons?

A family gratitude journal might be a nice way to create a shared history of joy and blessings. Write a letter of gratitude to someone you feel thankful to and then read it to him or her face to face.

Meanwhile, I wish to share how incredibly grateful I am to all my faithful readers. You have enabled me to fulfill a childhood dream.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

Loretta LaRoche writes the Get A Life Column for the Patriot Ledger.

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