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American School of Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a joyful and healthy exercise regime for all based on sound scientific principles and a truth that all children know: laughter makes you feel better. Laugh alone, join a laughter club or laugh with your colleagues at work and discover how laughter in the workplace can boost efficiency & profits!

You can learn more about laughter yoga on the American School of Laughter Yoga website They have great articles about the health benefits of laughter, thoughts on how laughter can help the workplace, trainings, classes, and lots of resources.

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Top Ten Signs Your Patient is Really A Nurse

10. Records her own I&O (and her roommate’s!)

9. Makes her own bed, complete with hospital corners.

8. Reads her own chart to make sure no one wrote ‘obese’ in it.

7. Takes her own pulse while you take her temperature.

6. Asks if he is to be *NPO* tonight.

5. Strolls over to the nurses’ station to answer phones when she’s bored.

4. Calls out suggestions to the code team when his roommate arrests.

3. Takes out her own IV or foley catheter.

2. Uses the telephone to call the nurses’ station if no one answers her call light.

1. Has a tattoo on her chest that reads “NO CPR.”

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Star Charts by Suzanne LaBarne

Horoscopes just for Nurses!


Lucky Libra has a fantastic week lined up. The stars are shining in your favor! Be open to new, exciting opportunities — but pass on that once-in-a-lifetime chance your patient offers you to get in on the ground floor of a promising investment opportunity.


Having the swine flu shot may be followed by miscarriage, death, or stroke — and guess who gets the lucky job of explaining to the patients that yes, they still need the shot, and no, all these after effects aren’t necessarily connected to it? It won’t be you if you’re smart about it, Scorpio — we suggest a conveniently timed code far, far away from that conversation.


Conflict with co-workers makes this a challenging week. Maintaining professionalism is hard; resisting temptation when you google the worst offenders and find out what they’re doing when they’re not at work is even harder. Be careful what you research; you may find out more than you want to know.


Order and organization are your watchwords this week, Capricorn. Either you’re going to impose some on your life or someone’s going to impose some for you. The results are surprisingly refreshing; a change of this sort has been needed for a while.


Love is a many splendored thing, Aquarius — and stepping into that semi-private room at the wrong moment will reveal splendors you never needed to think about. We recommend knocking at all costs!


Animals abound in your chart: we’re not sure if that means you’ll be treating animal bites and entertaining companion dogs in the waiting room or a trip to the zoo is in your immediate future…oh, wait. You’re a nurse! Every day is like a trip to the zoo!


Low tech is the new rage in body building, Aries — you could cash in on the trend by having the PT/OT crew have their patients carry your bag to the car at the end of the shift. What does that thing weigh? 800 pounds? It might be time to lighten up!


Patience is a virtue, and apparently there are no virtuous people in the waiting room. This week, that could prove problematic — but if you choose to embrace the positive side of the situation, think of all the money you’ll save by not having to buy tickets to Cirque du Soliel — or Roller Derby — or the taping of the next Jerry Springer movie. You have it all, delivered to your workplace. (Ok, the costuming is a little lacking…)


You provide some much needed guidance and relief in an unexpected manner this week. Don’t be so hard on yourself: you have a ton of wisdom and this week, someone is ready to hear it.


Job seekers have a stressful week ahead; those nurses already employed are likely to experience a great deal of anxiety. Fret not: it’s not you, it’s them — and if you can hang in there, the situation will look brighter by the end of the week.


Connections and networking are your strong suit this week, Leo. Only YOU know the magic dialing sequence to make the pharmacy pick up the phone. Only YOU can get the doctor to respond to the page. Only YOU can persuade Mrs. Jones in bed six that she’ll develop inoperable carpal tunnel if she doesn’t leave hold of that call light. Enjoy these mad communication skills: by week’s end, you’ll be all talked out!


Delight in small blessings this week, Virgo. A spare two minutes to run to the bathroom? Someone else got called in before you? A patient who says “Thank you” All of these glories might be yours — are you ready to appreciate them?

Star Charts by Suzanne LaBarne are intended for entertainment purposes only!

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From Ha-Ha to a-Ha! Using Humor To Transform Nursing Education by Shirley K. Trout, PhD, MEd

A Curious Side Note about “Evidence”

This month’s column is, admittedly, not focused on humor. Sorry about that, but I had a conversation recently that I just have to share as I scratch my head in disbelief. My conversation was with a nurse-friend who was telling me the realities of her days on the floor of the hospital where she works. As is probably normal for most nurses, she had to be prepared to hit the ground running from the first second on duty to whatever time she was able to leave (she often covers double shifts because, as a per diem nurse, she can use the extra money).

She knows I’ve been working on nursing education transformation with Dr. Jan Boller, an associate professor and director of nursing leadership programs in the College of Graduate Nursing at Western University’s College of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA. My friend and I began talking about “evidence-based” nursing care. Her comment to me startled me and has been on my mind ever since.

She said, surprisingly defensively, “When I have a patient that needs [some kind of care procedure], am I supposed to run to the staff lounge and look up how to do the procedure properly? I don’t have time to find the evidence for what I’m doing.”

Hmmmmm. Is this a typical interpretation? (more…)

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