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Laughing Like Crazy

This month, we’re taking a look at humor and mental illness. I’m as thrilled as I can be to present David Granirer; he’s one of the rising stars in the field of therapeutic humor, and has wisdom we can all benefit from.

Mental illness is one of those subjects we all shy away from. When I was teaching, my student nurses worried more about that psych rotation than any other unit — but as any experienced nurse will tell you, mental illness isn’t confined to the mental health unit. Mentally ill patients break their arms, have heart attacks, get cancer and have babies just like everyone else — and they appreciate and benefit from therapeutic humor as well! (more…)

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JNJ Talks to David Granirer!

David Granirer wears many hats. Counselor, comic, author, speaker, and a funny, funny guy, he is also the driving force behind Stand Up for Mental Health, an innovative program that is truly therapeutic humor in action. We’re thrilled to have David join us for this conversation!

JNJ: For those who are not already familiar with your work, can you give us a little background about what you do?

David: My project, Stand Up for Mental Health, teaches standup comedy to people with mental illness. We’ve been doing this since 2004, helping people build confidence and fight the stigma of mental illness.

In my own background, I’m a counselor and a stand up comic. I also have mental illness, I have depression, which in a way makes me the perfect person to do this work! (more…)

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