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One Phone Call

We got advance notice from our night supervisor that a direct admit was going to be brought to our floor from the county jail.  The patient was a gentleman in his late fifties with a history of alcohol abuse.  As they wheeled him in, the EMTS and the patient were just howling with laughter.

The patient explained that, “Well, I got arrested for drunk driving again, and I sure the hell didn’t want to spend the night in that smelly jail, so when I got my one phone call, I called 911 and told ’em I was having chest pain.  And here I am!”

By Doris Therman, RN

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Get A Life By Loretta LaRoche

In the past week three individuals , Ed McMahon, Farah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson, all considered to be major stars, have passed away. Jackson was a global phenomenon. His death has created news coverage commiserate with the death of Princess Diana.

During my lifetime I often enjoyed the talents of all three, because I believed that they had a craft and had honed it to the point where they deserved the label ”celebrity”.

In the weeks prior, the media was obssessed with John and Kate Gosselein and their eight children. A couple who has had a reality show for several years, and was about to make a” monumental” announcement concerning their relationship. For weeks the entertainment shows and People magazine continued to allude to the possibility that the couple was splitting and that Jon had been involved with another woman.

They got almost as much press coverage as the swine flu.

There might be a metaphor here.

What I find incredibly absurd is that they too are considered “celebrities”, as are the women in Desperate Housewives of New Jersey, five women whose insipid lives have also landed them on the cover of some major magazines. The Gossleins and the housewives will get book deals and speaking engagements and make millions.

My question is “WHY”?

Is there such a lack of talented individuals in the world that can entertain,  and educate us through dance, art, poetry, real acting and music that we have to resort to watching the most mundane human activities as a way of amusing ourselves?

Will we soon  have a realty show that involves watching individuals going in and out of public restrooms and reporting on the outcome?

Has our attention span become so diluted that the powers that be have concluded that we are no longer able to grasp any content that might challenge our intellects?

I am grateful for those stations like PBS, Sundance Channel and some others that continue to give us programming that strive to stimulate and entertain us. But isn’t it time we stopped giving so much attention to individuals who are contributing so little to our lives?

I would rather watch the water run out of my bathtub.

Loretta LaRoche writes the Get A Life Column for the Patriot Ledger.

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Star Charts by Suzanne LaBarne

Horoscopes Just For Nurses!


Organizing Geri chair races is one thing — but attracting corporate sponsorship and a visit from NASCAR officials who want to check out the high-speed adventure?  That’s sheer brilliance!  Don’t be afraid to dream big Cancer — according to your stars, you should have five free minutes in 2018 to start making them come true.


Your patient is exhibiting signs of confusion, Leo.  From the string of orders they’ve issued, they think you’re their maid, travel agent, laundress and personal psychic!  Clear communication might help reorient the patient — but the prognosis doesn’t look good!


Anxiety opens the week.  Never underestimate the power of one inappropriate admit to disrupt your equilibrium.  Let go of your need for perfection: sometimes other people have to learn from their mistakes.


Stretching — whether it’s physically, mentally, or metaphorically — dominates your stars this week, Libra.  Be careful:  nothing on the top shelf is really that important. While physical stretching carries an element of danger with it, your willingness to go the extra mile emotionally really changes lives this week.


Fighting the good fight takes lots of energy.  Normally passionate Scorpio feels drained.  You won’t need an adrenaline shot, though: your patients are determined to provide lots of heart-pumping excitement.  Which is great, unless you work in the cardiac unit, where it’s just Tuesday.


Thou shalt not give the patient’s family the doctor’s home phone number.  Thou shalt not give the patient’s family the doctor’s home phone number.  Thou shalt not give the patient’s family the doctor’s home phone number.  (Keep repeating this until you believe it!)


Congratulations, Capricorn!  This week, you have the honor of caring for the world’s greatest medical genius!  Mind you, they don’t have any training, have never been to medical school…but they’ve seen every episode of ER TWICE!


It’s a fiery week for you, Aquarius!  Perhaps you’ll be dealing with a hot-headed surgeon or a rash of inflammations. Either way, your cool-headed approach saves the day!


Sensitive Pisces struggles this week as tempers fly high.  Sidestepping conflict means extra work — is the peace of mind worth it?


Blow on a dandelion, sending wishes out into the whistling wind, Aries — for in this almost magical week, your most fanciful thoughts can prove fruitful.  Find yourself shy a stray breeze? Just redirect the O2 — it’ll work just as well!


The most difficult thing in the world to resist is the temptation to tell the truth. Honest-to-a-fault Taurus finds themselves particularly tested this week, especially when confronted with patient families.  Hold on: communication difficulties will resolve themselves mid-week.


You may suspect a developing blackberry allergy, Gemini.  It’s not the prickly black fruit that’s giving you hives — it’s the sight of one more patient that tells you to ‘hang on a minute’ while they finish a call!

Star Charts by Suzanne LaBarne are for entertainment purposes only.

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  • Student to elderly (hard-of-hearing) discharged pt: “Will you be on home O2?”
    Pt: “Oh no, honey, I’m heterosexual.” [don’t have to make up] #
  • RT @bellizzima U know ur a Nurse when u end up w/ 3 pens in each pocket, some in ur hair & still askin 2 borrow a pen. We bcome pen klepto #
  • RT @mannabsn my partner is a pen-ho! you should see the stash in her locker! Dwindling now that we don’t get drug rep pens anymore tho! lol #

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